Thursday, April 3, 2014

Vendors 2014

Angelina’s Kitchen
Farm-to-Fork restaurant located in Pittsboro, NC. We pride ourselves on using 70% local ingredients from farmers within a 50 mile radius. Come enjoy ready to eat foods using beautiful local ingredients.
Annelore’s German Bakery
Annelore’s German Bakery focuses on making artisan pastries and bread. We specialize in authentic German baked goods that are made in the most traditional way, by hand and from scratch. Annelore uses only natural, pure ingredients. With her family having been in the brewing and hospitality business for almost 350 years Annelore continues her ancestral tradition with delicacies of uncompromising quality, authenticity and uniqueness.
Belle @ the Jones House (formerly Sweet T, a Cakery)
Belle @ the Jones House (formerly Sweet T, a Cakery) offers gourmet, artisan cupcakes, cakes and baked goods as well as prepared casseroles, soups and quiches made from scratch using only the finest fresh, local and organic ingredients. We offer an amazing selection of gluten-free and vegan treats. Our creations are not only moist and delicious but beautiful and creative.
Carolina Grits and Co. (guest vendor)
Blueberries, pomegrante, persimmons, stone-ground grits, cornmeal and mixes, dry mixes
Cilantro Mediterranean Grill
Cilantro Mediterranean Grill is an independently owned and operated restaurant near RTP serving Mediterranean kabobs, salads and vegetarian dishes made from scratch using the best locally sourced ingredients. Visit us at the market to take our delicious gourmet, ready to eat, entrees and sides home and try our weekly taste testing samples.
Clayton Orchard
Clayton Orchard is a family-owned farm located in Montgomery County. Our primary product is peaches. We also grow plums, watermelons, Muscadine grapes, and various vegetables such as corn, tomatoes, onions, green beans, and potatoes.
Color Fields Farm
Our mission at Color Fields, LLC is to grow and sell fresh, high quality vegetables, herbs and beautiful flowers using only organic growing methods. We believe in supporting our local community by providing the healthiest, freshest produce and flowers possible and by farming in a way that is respectful of the land and our neighbors. We grow vegetables year round and flowers seasonally. CSA offered.
Crude Bitters and Sodas
Crude Bitters & Sodas was started in 2012 with the thought that delicious cocktails and soft drinks could be improved upon. Each bitters and soda flavor is hand-made by human hands utilizing only the finest ingredients and careful attention. Crude Bitters are crafted in small batches from 100% maceration in alcohol, with no glycerin, chemicals or dyes. Crude Sodas are old-fashioned fountain drafts, savored purely on their own or used as cocktail mixers.
DJ’s Berry Patch
DJ's Berry Patch is a pre-picked or pick-your-own Strawberry and Produce Farm. Our Raleigh area strawberry farm is conveniently located just minutes off Highway 64, right off Davis Drive in the town of Apex. DJ's is committed to providing our customers with the freshest and finest varieties of strawberries and other spring and summer produce. The fall brings pumpkins and mums.
Dog Day Farm
Produce farm offering sustainably-grown, chemical-free vegetables; fruits; berries; herbs; flowers; plants, and other farm/garden-related products.
Double T Farm
Non-certified organic farm in Garner, NC offering a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables, including strawberries and melons. CSA offered.
Fickle Creek Farm
Fickle Creek Farm is a diversified, small-scale farm in the Piedmont of North Carolina. Approximately half of the farm’s 215 acres is used to provide farm-fresh, healthy food to our community through careful environmental stewardship, sustainable practices, and humane animal treatment. Vegetables and fruit are naturally grown without synthetic chemical inputs. All livestock is raised without use of antibiotics or hormones. Chickens, ducks, turkeys, and pigs range freely on pesticide-free pastures and woods and are provided with a vegetarian feed that is milled locally. Cows and sheep are raised on pesticide-free pastures. We share our farm with others through farm tours and a farm-stay accommodation.
Fiddlehead Pottery
Fiddlehead Pottery Studio selling functional and decorative pottery for table, home and garden.
Fortnight Brewing Company
New craft brewery just opened in Cary, NC. Our mission is to produce high-quality beer that is approachable and easy to drink. Our offerings are based on traditional English style beers that incorporate both premium UK and American ingredients, producing a beverage unlike any other.
Gertrude’s Garden Gems
We are located in Chatham County. Our main products are flowers and potted herbs, and a few vegetables. We grow many varieties of flowers to cut for bouquets. Our cut flower season starts in late March and goes to Dec.
Gluten Free with Sarah B
Gluten-Free with Sarah B is a product of Sarah Jane's, LLC. Our Mission is to provide a tasty gluten-free option for those who are over the typical grainy, bland tasting gluten-free options in the market today. Offering a variety of gluten-free breads, pastries and desserts.
Godwin Farm and Orchard
Apples, melons and other seasonal produce.
Good Graces Homemade Dog Treats
Specialty homemade dog treats in a variety of flavors.
Great Harvest Bread Co.
We are a whole grain, all-natural bakery. We mill our wheat on site to produce the freshest flour to put into our bread. The bread are made from scratch each day with the finest ingredients. Producer of hand crafted breads and baked goods made from our freshly milled wheat flour, sourced from family owned farms. Our honey is locally produced by Heidi's honey in Winston Salem. Our loaves our hand kneaded and prepared each day. All day old bread is given to ministries or interfaith food shuttle. Our menu includes breads, muffins, cookies, cinnamon rolls and scones. We also make a whole line of made-from-scratch mixes such as cookie mix, brownie mix and pancake mix.
Happy As A Coneflower Farm (winter market only)
Large variety of cut flowers, organically grown.
Heavenly Beezzz
Regional raw honey and creamed honey.
Hillsborough Cheese Co.
Hidden in the heart of historically dairy-rich Orange County, NC (on a previous tobacco farm where Cindy West grew up) our small, boutique creamery focuses on the art of cheese-making. Our French-trained chef & cheese-maker, Cindy, handcrafts small batches of many varieties of quality fresh & aged cheeses using goat’s and cow’s milk. Focusing mostly on traditional European-style cheeses, Cindy also experiments with and creates some of her own unique cheese blends tailored to our local community’s tastes.
In Good Heart Farm
In Good Heart Farm offers vegetables, strawberries & flowers of the highest quality and taste in the Triangle from our farm in Clayton, NC. Our mission is to strive for healthier people, community, agriculture and planet by growing and sharing the best tasting food we can. Our farming practices may surpass organic guidelines but we choose not to be certified because we are confident the quality and taste of our produce as well as our direct relationship with you speaks to our commitment to healthy food and holistic agriculture. 2011 will be our second year farming independently as Ben's Produce, though we have been farming with family and friends for many years.
Jones Farm
Pesticide-free fruits and vegetables.
Kalawi Farm
Freshly-picked peaches and homemade peach ice cream.
La Farm Bakery
Artisan bread bakery located in the heart of Cary, North Carolina. We have been open for about 11 years and we use old world methods to preparing breads by hand. We also offer French style pastries and baked goods made fresh every day. We use only unbleached, un-bromated flours in our breads and baked goods, and biodegradable packaging in our cafe.
Liberty Poultry / Fat Radish
Liberty Poultry/Fat Radish is your source for sustainably grown free range/pastured chicken meat, eggs and seasonal produce. Located in Zebulon, NC, this family-owned and operated farm is easily accessible to the triangle region. A GMO-free diet, life on the pasture, and no antibiotics, vaccines, or hormones means you get the highest quality product. We grow both Freedom Ranger and heritage breed birds. We also produce a variety of seasonal vegetables.
Little Flower Art (guest vendor)
Little Flower Art sells handmade, hand-crafted pottery, quilted and embroidered gifts, as well as fine art note-cards and prints. It is run by 3 sisters that are the creators/artists.
Little River Ranch
We are a fifth generation farm family that produces high quality meats and ornamentals. Our production philosophy is to meld the best methods from traditional small family farming with the best offerings of modern agricultural science. We have a personal relationship with everything we produce. Pasture-raised Lamb, Pasture-raised Heritage Turkeys, Traditional Pork, Pasture-raised Rabbit, Pond-raised Duck, Fall Chrysanthemums
Locals Seafood
Long-time friends, Ryan Speckman and Lin Peterson started Locals Seafood in 2010 with a cooler full of shrimp and a pick-up truck. Both Fisheries and Wildlife Science majors from NC State University, their love for the coast, the outdoors, and good seafood started early. Locals Seafood is dedicated to delivering the freshest possible seafood from North Carolina fishermen to the Triangle area. They have come a long way from the truck tailgate, and both are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and passion for North Carolina seafood.
Melina’s Fresh Pasta
Using traditional recipes and methods learned in Italy, we produce fresh pasta, ravioli and sauces using locally sourced, and fresh ingredients as well as some special ingredients imported from Italy.
Fresh Pasta, Baked Pastas, Lasagna, Ravioli, Sauces, Prepared Meals
Moretz’s Mountain Orchard
Fresh North Carolina grown apples.
Muddy Dog Roasting Company
Family owned & operated artisan coffee roastery. Purveyors and blenders of specialty tea. Purveyors of specialty foods. We roast our own coffee in an energy efficient coffee roaster. We have a line of blended teas, as well.
Open Door Farm (winter market only)
Open Door Farm is located in Cedar Grove, NC. We produce a variety of seasonal produce using non-certified organic practices. During the winter, we will offer microgreens and shoots.
Piedmont Pottery (guest vendor)
A wide range of handcrafted functional or decorative pottery and jewelry.
Hand-woven baskets, with all natural dyes. Fourth generation basket weaver.
Redbud Farm, Certified Organic
Redbud Farm, owned and managed by Clay Smith and Nancy Joyner, began in 2009 to grow a wide variety of vegetables and herbs; Redbud is certified organic. It is located on the land where Clay grew up on a family farm that has been owned by the family since 1945. Redbud Farm specializes in vegetables and herbs including heirloom tomatoes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, bell peppers, eggplant, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, lettuce, kale, carrots, radish, garlic, ginger, parsley, basil, and cilantro. Clay and Nancy enjoy the direct contact with people at farmers markets and providing individuals and families with organic, local, flavorful, fresh food.
Reedy Fork Organic Farm
Reedy Fork Farm is a certified organic dairy farm located on 600 acres of beautiful farmland in Elon, NC. The farm raises around 100 Holstein and Holstein/Jersey cross cows. A member of Organic Valley Co-op, Reedy Fork farm has been certified organic since 2007. We sell organic animal feed, organic beef, eggs, and organic sunflower and flax oils.
Root Down Farm
Root Down Farm is a collaboration between Kathleen Smith and Ben Berry. We are located on 33 acres in northern Orange County. We used ecologically based growing methods to produce high quality vegetables all year long.
Screech Owl Greenhouse
Greenhouse operation of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, hydroponic lettuces, and herbs.
ShellyMac Farm
A 75 acre farm in Northeast Durham county raising laying hens, muscove ducks, Black Angus beef cattle and growing 1.5 acres of vegetables. Animals are all free range and grass fed. Our farm is a converted tobacco farm that we started operating in 2006. We sell farm fresh eggs from free range chickens, seasonal produce, regular and honey sweetened jams and jellies from home grown and local fruits, and made from scratch baked goods.
Smith Angus Farm
We are a family owned and operated cattle and poultry farm located in Snow Camp. We take great pride in being the 4th generation to farm the land. Our Black Angus cattle are pasture raised and fed an all natural grain supplement without any added hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. This ensures a well-marbled, tender cut of beef that makes for exceptional dining from our pasture to your plate.
Smith’s Nursery
Smith's Nursery is a family owned and operated nursery and produce farm operating in Johnston County, North Carolina for over 20 years. We take great pride in growing high quality plants and produce using sustainable farming practices. During the Spring and early Summer, we have an exciting U-Pick Strawberry, Blueberry and Blackberry season. Smith's Nursery grows a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and landscape plants. We deliver fresh, local produce each week to neighborhoods in Wake, Harnett and Johnston County through our Doorstep Market program.
The Farm Fairy
We are, Sandra Sarlinga & Fabian Lujan, Argentinean by birth and North Carolinian by choice and always in love with bringing back ancient skills and give them a new life. We are deeply engaged in infusing to our aged, hard cheeses the flavors of our grandparents’ roots from Spain and Italy.
Two Bridges Farm
Two Bridges Farm, LLC is a small farm north of Louisburg, NC. We pasture raise chickens, for both eggs and meat, Boer meat goats, Muscovy ducks, and a few feeder pigs. Our market offerings include chicken, eggs, pork, and occasionally goat meat and duck meat. Our goal is to develop our farm in harmony with nature. While all of our livestock is raised on pasture, we do offer them supplemental feed also. Our supplemental feed consists of ‘soy free’ sprouted and/or fermented grains and hay. ‘Sustainable’ has been our mantra since we started the farm four years ago. We raise all livestock on pasture, using rotational grazing and mobile housing, and never use herbicides, pesticides, or hormones. Antibiotics are never used as a general practice and are never used as a first course of action if an animal is ill but we will always put the welfare of our livestock first.
Two Chicks Farm
Two Chicks Farm is a small farm located five miles from downtown Hillsborough, NC. Two Chick: Farm's mission is to produce high quality vegetables, herbs, and value added products to sell to the local community. Our vision, at Two Chicks Farm, is to be a sustainable farm growing vegetables and herbs year round; using organic methods and season extension to provide the community with locally produced fresh, fermented or pickled foods year round. Two Chicks Farm is committed to staying small so we can hand tend our products in order to provide the best quality at competitive prices while providing great customer service.
Uncle Bob’s Nuts
Uncle Bob's Nuts is a producers of fresh made roasted nuts, organic peanut butter, nutty salsa, and unique gourmet kettle corns. We use all-natural ingredients in our products and no preservatives. We pride ourselves in the best quality and taste. The way food should be!
Wild Dog Farm
Wild Dog Farm nurtures an ecologically diverse and eclectic mix of sustainably grown fruits and vegetables, rare chickens and ducks, and honeybees and native pollinators. We are committed to sustainable, conservation-based, biological farming and our plants and animals thrive without the use of antibiotics, pesticides, or other chemicals.
What’s Up Cupcake/ILH Designs (guest vendor)
Baby onesies with applique designs, lovie/security blankets, blurb cloths, felt ornaments, canvas child designs
Wrenn’s Farm & Nursery
Formerly known as Middlesex Produce Growers, was started by my father (Fletcher Wrenn) in 1867. He started out with greenhouse tomatoes and kept on adding different crops until today we grow 19 different produce crops. We grow and sell only top quality produce. If it does not meet our standards we do not sell it. We eat the crops that we grow, so we use as few pesticides as possible.

WWFM Needs Your Support!

Many of you know that the current site of Western Wake Farmers’ Market, Carpenter Village on Morrisville-Carpenter Road, will one day be developed (WE ARE NOT IMMINENTLY THREATENED!). Two years ago we proactively began a search for a “Forever Home”. We’ve vetted a number of potential sites in those two years, and in September we started discussions in earnest to relocate market to a permanent site in Morrisville.

Next week the Morrisville Town Council will consider an important step in the process of creating the ultimate, awesome site we all imagine. They will decide whether or not to permit staff to apply for a grant from the Rex Foundation. The grant is multi-faceted, but a key element of the plan is to relocate the WWFM tent market as a first step in the process of getting to the permanent structure. At the end of the day, if awarded, receiving the grant represents a commitment.  A commitment to start down the path toward building the vision.

The WWFM board thinks that a permanent farmers market structure in Morrisville is a benefit for all of the current customers of the market, and for the Town of Morrisville. If you are a Morrisville resident and agree that a permanent farmers’ market site and structure is a good investment for the Town to make, we would appreciate you letting the Council know that you support that investment.

You can reach the entire Council with one email to the following address:

We appreciate you taking the time to express your support. It’s important that you do so before the next council meeting on Tuesday, April 8th.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Upcoming Events @ WWFM

Saturday, April 5th - 
Education: NYR Organics (chef demo and recipe tasting)
Music: Stevan Jackson
Face painting by LynneSue Fischer

Saturday, April 12th - 
Education: Morrisville Community Garden (spring gardening demo)
Music: Thunder and Spice

Saturday, April 19th - 
Education: Fit & Able (wellness demo)
Music: Tom Voorheis

Saturday, April 26th - 
Education: The Gardener's Kitchen (seasonal recipes and tasting)
Music: Joseph Piazza

Spring Into Western Wake Farmers' Market!

Western Wake Farmers’ Market will commence our sixth season on Saturday, April 5th!  Market hours are 8:00AM – NOON each Saturday (April through November). 

Come celebrate the season opening with recipes and samples featuring seasonal produce from market vendors, chef demos, lively farmers’ market music - 9:30 to 11:30am, and face painting for kids. 

Visit our Vendors page to view a full list of our 2014-15 Market Vendors!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2014 Spring Craft Fair - Calling All Crafters!

Western Wake Farmers' Market is now accepting applications for our 2014 Spring Craft Fair. The Spring Craft Fair will take place on Saturday, May 10, 2014 from 8:00am - 12:00pm. 

In addition to our regular market vendors, we will showcase local artisans and crafters. The deadline for craft vendor applications is Monday, April 21, 2014. There is a $35.00 non-refunable application fee for vending at the Spring Craft Fair. 

For more information about vending at the Spring Craft Fair and to fill out an application, please click here

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Vendor Applications for 2014-15 Market Season

WWFM Logo Western Wake Farmers’ Market is now accepting vendor applications for the 2014-2015 market season!

Click here to view information for interested vendors, the WWFM Market Rules, and directions on applying to our market.

The application deadline is December 30, 2013 (returning vendors) and January 31, 2014 (new vendors).

To learn more about the market please visit our website:

For more information, questions or comments, please contact our Market Manager, Madison Whitley at

Friday, November 8, 2013

Go Local for Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 26th

Give thanks to family and friends this year by serving them a local Thanksgiving feast! OnTuesday, November 26th  -- 2:00pm-5:00pm -- Western Wake Farmers' Market will host special pre-Thanksgiving market. 

Our market vendors have been planting and planning in order to satisfy all your Turkey Day needs. There will be creamy cheeses for hors d’oeuvres, green beans, broccoli, sweet potatoes, salad greens, and, of course, potatoes for the mashing. Local bakeries will bring airy loaves, flakey pies, beautiful cakes, and an assortment of other pastries. Not to mention your centerpiece, a humanely- and locally-raised gobbler.

Click here for local Thanksgiving recipes. 

WWFM will be CLOSED on Saturday, November 30th.